Zenzile Whitsett
Zenzile Whitsett's Fundraiser


Join me and National Black Theatre, and help make a difference, please give today.

$25 towards $600

The world does not move without Black creativity. ~ Melissa Kimble

Join me in supporting real change by helping to heal our communities through the development of cultural leaders - those who are new, emerging and established - that are centered on building... From a space of love. Through our support, we can help create a positive impact in the world and make a difference with NBT's VISION Forward Fund.

By making a donation small or large you will help me raise $600 in tax-deductible donations. This amount will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for National Black Theatre. An institution that has for 51 years helped to amplify Black voices, Black artists and Black spaces, and through our collective investment we can help rejuvenate the strength and power found in Black artists who indeed "make the world move." Through collective action, we can leverage the work of Dr. Teer. We can continue to move us forward, building on the momentum she helped cultivate with her vision. Show your spirit favor and listen to her in her own words here. She is truly a visionary. She will remind yU of the power each of us has to help heal. Every ONE<3

"We are beautiful, imaginative and gifted people, and we owe it to ourselves and to our future generations to restore, to recreate this beauty. We must begin building cultural centers where we can enjoy being free, open and black, where we can find out how talented we really are, where we can be what we were born to be, and not what we were brainwashed to be."

~Dr. Barbara Ann Teer. "We Can Be What We Were Born To Be." New York Times [July 7, 1968]

P.S. The campaign ends on me and Nelson Mandela's Birth Day, July 18th =) It would lift my heart immensely and make my birthday that much more special, if yU help me reach my fundraising goal by then. All your donations go to NBT. Help support this and the next generation of cultural leaders. They are needed now more than ever. Thank yU.