Start a fundraiser to amplify Black voices, artists and spaces.

Invest in our rejuvenation and reclamation.

Start a fundraiser to amplify Black voices, artists and spaces. image


raised towards $20,000 goal


Invest in our rejuvenation and reclamation.


An integral component of this Founder’s Month is the creation of NBT’s VISION Forward Fund, dedicated to the continued cultivation of radically free Black creativity, the archival preservation of NBT's rich history and the institution's capacity-building and technological infrastructure.

We invite you to pull up a seat at the table we have collectively built, forged out of Dr. Teer’s relentless Love. We invite you to dream with us as we co-create a vision of self-determination, abundance, and Black liberation through your own letters to the future. As part of this invitation, we are asking our community to rally their friends, family and networks to raise funds for NBT’s VISION Forward Fund, which will help imagine, fortify, ground and realize NBT’s mission into the next century.

  • GROUND us in our legacy, our wisdom of indigenous Black thought and the liberators who have come before us: make a contribution to support NBT’s ability to establish our archive.
  • FORTIFY this institution in this moment and garner the resources we need to sustain this movement and vision of self-determination: make a contribution to support NBT’s staffing, capacity and technological infrastructure.
  • IMAGINE, architect, design, shape the future of this radically free space for us, together: make a contribution to support our base of artists to have the tools to dream through our residency programs.

Just as our founder did in 1968, we must use this catalytic moment to reclaim our strength, reclaim our power, right now in this hour. This is work that we must do now, together. By becoming a fundraiser for NBT, you will amplify Black voices, Black artists and Black spaces, and invest in the rejuvenation and reclamation of who we were truly born to be for the health and wealth of our entire country.

This year’s Founder’s celebration is sure to be lit as we exalt our highest selves, our humanity and our ability to be the best citizens for one another. Through our collective actions, we can leverage the work of Dr. Teer, her ensemble of liberators, and the warriors who continue to move us forward.

(NOTE FROM MAYA: I think we should consider something like this - from TTO's - Starting a fundraiser is easy to do. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference.)